Recap / Kamen Rider Build 42 Legacy Of Doubt, Kamen Rider Build Episode 42


The Gang recaps what happened in the last episode. Gentoku says he never heard of a đen Panel before, which means Papa Katsuragi must be with Evolto now.

Meanwhile, Evolto tells Papa Katsu that he killed Shimizu to lớn keep him quiet and only kept him alive a Lost Smash demo subject. Now, they will use Kamen Riders as demo subjects. He tells Papa Katsu to lớn figure out a way to lớn get around the Genius Bottle’s resistance khổng lồ Lost Bottles.

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Down in the lab, a frustrated Kazumi suggests Papa Katsu is working with Evolto, or worse, the mastermind. Ryuga tries to calm things down by saying they must confirm Papa Katsu is even alive first.

Just then, the prime minister’s residence calls for help. Sento & Katsuragi hurry over khổng lồ confront Evolto. Sento demands answers about his father, but Katsuragi says they must focus on this first. They henshin. Kazumin & Ryuga are taking on Nariaki.

Sento engages Evolto and continues lớn ask about his father. Evolto unleashes an attack that destroys the Smash and forces Gentoku khổng lồ dehenshin. He then unleashes a black Hole Finish above the prime minister’s residence. They all watch as it gets sucked into the black hole.

The scene triggers the memory in Ryuga again & he becomes enraged, unable to lớn control his emotions. He whacks Nariaki around until he drops a Bottle. Ryuga picks it up và it turns silver. He uses it và unleashes a Volcanic Attack at Nariaki.


The prime minister’s residence is gone & Evolto declares that Touto is his before he disappears as well. Gentoku drops to lớn the ground, distraught that the country his father built is gone.

Nariaki leaves. Ryuga unleashes his anger at an already dead Hard Guardian, repeatedly punching at it. Suddenly, they are engulfed in a Nin Nin Comic Disappearing Technique cloud allowing someone using Rabbit Tank to lớn attack Ryuga, forcing him to dehenshin.


Ryuga và Kazumi vì not see someone in a Build outfit watching them from above.

Later, Evolto as PM Midou addresses all of nhật bản saying the country has now reunified và they will immediately dismantle all military weapons in an effort khổng lồ rebuild the country.


When the broadcast is turned off, Evolto directs Nariaki khổng lồ speed up production of Lost Smash. But Nariaki says that would eventually lead khổng lồ the destruction of nhật bản if Lost Smash were to overrun the country. Evolto tells Nariaki lớn keep his mouth shut.

Sento takes time alone to lớn think, which of course means a meeting with Katsuragi. Katsuragi brings Sento into his memory world. Katsuragi says this is where he has been manipulating his memories.


Anyway, Sento says he will find their father & stop Evolto. Katsuragi says he does not believe in their father anymore, but Sento says Papa Katsu created the Rider System for justice. Katsuragi laments the need for justice.

Sento is returned khổng lồ the normal world and Gentoku approaches him. He tells Sento what Papa PM told him about the people being the ones who build a country. Gentoku is proud of his father and is upset that he is merely an embarrassment to lớn his memory.

Sento says he feels the same. His father entrusted the Rider System to lớn him to lớn defeat Evolto & he hasn’t been able to.

A breaking news alert paints the Kamen Riders as anti-government rebels và warns citizens to lớn shelter in place. The boys decide lớn head out and confront the rampaging Riders.

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Sento và Gentoku henshin and take on Nariaki. Nariaki taunts Gentoku about Papa PM. That leaves Gentoku vulnerable & allows Nariaki to lớn deliver an Evoltec Attack at him.

Sento takes on Nariaki và a Clone Smash. Nariaki shoots an Evoltec Attack at Sento. Sento thinks about Papa Katsu và that seems lớn energize him. He doesn’t want lớn give up on the responsibility his father entrusted in him. Gentoku feels the same about his father. He too stands up.


Sento và Gentoku, now with father power, are able lớn counter Nariaki’s Evoltec Attack & send it back at him. They take care of the Clone Smash before delivering finishers at Nariaki, forcing him khổng lồ dehenshin.

Sento and Gentoku also dehenshin when the other
Build suddenly shoots from a rooftop.

The other
Build says the Rider System wasn’t created for something so trivial. He dehenshins lớn reveal he is Papa Katsu.

Sento is shocked.


Episode Thoughts

It was an okay episode. What does it say about the episode if the most memorable thing that sticks out to lớn me is that the gang are now wearing their summer outfits? lol

But really, this episode was all about highlighting the daddy issues Sento & Gentoku have as a way to lớn lead up khổng lồ the “big reveal” of Papa Katsu. Not only of him being nu
Build, but also making clear that it is very possible he is not this noble man Sento believed him lớn be. He already seemed very sketchy khổng lồ begin with, but there was always the assumption he was being forced by Evolto to bởi his bidding.

Instead, this episode not only suggests Papa Katsu is a willing participant, but that he might have his own agenda as well. And again, it might not be the noble, “fighting for justice” & smiles plan Sento thinks it is.

I honestly would prefer that. That Papa Katsu is willingly evil. (It will biến hóa for Soichi being merely possessed by Evolto & not a willing participant himself. Lol) and I would even readily accept him suddenly becoming the big bad/last quái vật after Evolto goes poof a few episodes before the finale. Something like that would actually carry a little more weight as it puts a finality khổng lồ aspects of the story that are usually not the case on either Toei toku. That would leave lasting effects on the lives of many characters, especially our titular hero.

The fact that Katsuragi will likely never return khổng lồ the “surface” full time, let alone regain his original body and face, etc. Opens the possibility even more that Papa Katsu can disappear as well. That would leave Sento, as we have known him, lớn continue living after the season is over as Kiryu Sento. Not as Katsuragi Takumi or Satou Taro. But as Sento.

The introduction of this “memory world” control room that Katsuragi apparently is in charge of adds even more foundation for a final episode in which Katsuragi turns off the lights for himself (or his memories, at least) và allowing for “Sento” lớn fully take over.

All of that sounds a little more complicated and intricate than what Kamen Rider or Super Sentai are willing to lớn try or tackle. But there would definitely be some interesting potential in such a direction. Emotionally speaking and from an exciting action perspective. Though I don’t think there’s really enough time in the final couple of episodes khổng lồ really pull that off.

The other big development is whatever was happening with Ryuga và his continued flashbacks (flash forwards?) và maybe also setting up Nariaki khổng lồ eventually turn his back on Evolto. I dunno.

Anyway, I’m likely completely off from what will actually happen. Next episode is all about Misora becoming a Smash apparently. So, who knows what’s ahead. Lol As for this episode, it was alright. It was another worklike episode lớn get us to lớn whatever the endgame will really be.

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Episode 43: “Another Build” (もう一人のビルド)

Sento can only watch as his father coldly takes on the other Riders as Build, until Cross-Z Magma loses control again as a result of Evolt’s influence on him. In order lớn save a father he’s unsure about, Sento transforms and delivers a final khung kick to knock Cross-Z Magma back, which results in him being out of commission for a little bit. It also results in Kazumi và Gentoku leaving since they don’t want to lớn trust Sento in the state he’s in.

Sento is once again left wondering what he’s fighting for since he was essentially formed into a nhân vật as a means to lớn an kết thúc - Shinobu seems more concerned with collecting the Lost Fullbottles which would bring on a new world, meaning he is currently their enemy.

Things bởi not look any better for Shinobu as he and Evolt have lured Misora out with the promise of a tactic that will help Sento - unfortunately, she falls for it. The plan is khổng lồ unleash Vernage by injecting her with lots of nebula gas, which of course is a fatal thing.

When Sento gets the gọi that Misora needs help, he finds her và discovers she’s become the CD Lost Smash. It seems like he’s on the ropes, as Shinobu joins her side as the other Build in order to lớn take on our protag Build, explaining that Vernage’s nguồn is complicating things và could kill Misora.

Ryuga’s back in action and lifts Sento out of his mood, reminding him that the things he believes in aren’t illusions - there’s a lot of awesome hot-blooded-shonen-spirit speeches going around~ The two transform, and when Cross-Z Magma loses control once again… Build gets an idea to lớn help fix two problems.

Using Genius Form’s special power, Build literally kicks the Mars out of Misora and sends it into Cross-Z Magma, neutralizing the effect of Evolt’s influence & saving Misora from being a monster. The day is saved. And after nabbing the other Build’s Rabbit Fullbottle, it turns gold in Build’s hand, which he then uses lớn attack the other Build. This is when he lets Build know that he, lượt thích Cross-Z Magma, has reached Hazard cấp độ 7, then escapes.

Shinobu returns lớn Evolt’s side, being honest about how Build actually surprised him this time. Utsumi then lets them know that Kazumi và Gentoku are wandering the area… and it’s at this point I remember that Kazumi is stronger but will apparently die if he loses a fight.

This is another one of those episodes I’m glad wasn’t the start of a hiatus.


Episode 45: “The Scientist of Hope” (希望のサイエンティスト)

As Shinobu takes the Lost Fullbottles left behind by Evol, he also takes the Evol Driver and puts it into a special little tank, explaining that he was waiting for this moment so that he could seal away Evol. It seems that he’s been working with Evolt all these years waiting for the right moment lớn betray him for the sake of humanity, which is making it a little hard for others lớn trust him. We also learn that the actual power of the Lost Fullbottles is the ability khổng lồ warp through wormholes, which is certainly as unheard of as the vague documentation suggested.

While it seems all went well, Utsumi shows up, possessed by Evolt. It seems he had anticipated something và made sure that part of his DNA left his body toàn thân before his defeat. He delivers a single attack lớn Shinobu, killing him. As Sento props him up, Shinobu hands Sento some sort of cards, và parting words. It seems like maybe there was a good man in there after all…

Grease is hit with a particular type of attack, and everyone manages a narrow escape with Pandora’s Box, but the Lost Fullbottles are left behind with Evol. Only one left… và Sento has it.

At the cafe, Sento is trying desperately to lớn get into some sort of files using the cards he was given. Shinobu left him with the hint that there was a trắng Pandora Panel that Evolt didn’t know about, & that he needed to lớn use the Hazard Trigger khổng lồ figure it out. However, the voice of Katsuragi in his head has been very doubtful of his father ever since they learned he might still be alive, and now he’s telling Sento that no such panel exists. Katsuragi won’t be a fool to his father’s deception anymore.

Evol causes trouble in Toto, which calls the Riders to action, minus Kazumi. Evol is using his default form, & reveals why: Kazumi wakes up, possessed by a bit of Evolt DNA, then steals the CD Lost Fullbottle from the girls và shows up khổng lồ give Evol a complete set! and for some reason, Build can’t use Genius form right now!

This is when Evolt achieves a new evolution, a trùm cuối form that happens to lớn be wearing a Rider belt despite being classified as a monster: Gamedeus Cronus Evolt (Monster Form). He’s really on another level now, throwing people through buildings & even warping himself và Build to another planet just to destroy it và absorb it to lớn become even stronger. He returns lớn Earth và gives Build a thorough beating, which actually seems to lớn be enough khổng lồ jog his memory…

At one point before the Skywall incident, Shinobu proclaimed he would find out if alien life exists, & when Katsuragi jokes that they might invade us, Shinobu says he wants to lớn create something lớn defend them, & asks if Katsuragi would help - the reason Genius size wasn’t working so far was because Sento was so angry at Evolt for killing his father, when he really should be fighting for justice as his father did. So, he has the chance to fight once more.

Everyone joins together for a massive Rider Kick, which actually causes the Lost Fullbottle panel to lớn escape Evolt’s body! Build then punches the panel using a finisher, và the Hazard Trigger reacts, turning two of the bottles back to lớn their normal purple color. Evol reverts back out of his quái vật form, perplexed và angered, then flees.

Following Evolt’s speech as Mido, the Seito prime minister, unifying Japan, it seems that three new people have been enlisted to lớn rule the three nations under Mido. As Utsumi comes khổng lồ rub this loss in Evol’s face, he threatens Utsumi lớn make sure he doesn’t tell “those three” what he’s REALLY after…

Finally, Sento figures out the password to these new documents from his father. With this, they can defeat Evolt.


Episode 46: “A Vow khổng lồ Be The One” ( 誓いのビー・ザ・ワン)

Oh damn, the opening theme (and movie) title gets dropped in an episode. Bit early, guys.

So I was curious how this episode would address the movie, và it does it… minimally? Evolt gives a speech as Seito’s prime minister about how nhật bản has been unified, then transforms into Evolt khổng lồ reveal what he is khổng lồ all of japan - he also presents a challenge for the Kamen Riders, a final battle for the planet at the top of Pandora Tower! But are they bad enough dudes to lớn rescue the planet from aliens? We’ll find out… now!

Making use of Ryuga’s Evolt DNA, Ryuga places the Hazard Trigger into the open Pandora’s Box, causing a new white panel to lớn appear. As Sento learned from his father’s documents, the black & white panels, combined with the Lost Fullbottles & Evolt’s power, will basically allow them to lớn fuse with an alternate reality that has no Skywall, safely undoing all of this và allowing them to be free of Evolt. Which is pretty crazy as far as plans go, and I can dig it. I’m curious how closely the finale will mirror that. No pun intended, for once.

Kazumi echos the fandom & requests a power-up from Sento so that he can be of more use khổng lồ them, to lớn which Sento - being Sento - reveals he was always intended lớn get one with the Blizzard Knuckle previously used against Evol. He even thought to lớn use data from Kazumi’s buddies as part of its bottle. However, he warns that the Hazard màn chơi spike this tòa tháp would give him would probably be too much for his body, so he should only use it as a weapon - nothing more.

The gang has a barbeque while they wait for shit to lớn go down, and it’s a wonderful character-building scene BUT the one thing of chú ý here is Sento wanting khổng lồ tell Ryuga… something. I am fully expecting that to lớn come back later because Sento is just that good at last-second planning.

As the đô thị prepares for the final showdown, Evol storms in with a huge army of Hard Guardians, with the Riders showing up to get this all over with. That’s when Evol reveals the rules for his game: They have khổng lồ make it up Pandora Tower, và with every 10 minutes they waste, he destroys a part of japan - as he demonstrates to lớn really show them the stakes involved. Legit, people are getting sucked into this đen hole, it’s horrific! So they better get this over with in at least two more episodes. With time for a wrap-up episode after and a Zi-O cameo.

So, not only does he do this, but as he waits outside, part of his DNA leaves his body. As the group enters the tower, we quickly see what the DNA went to: Clones of Akaba, Aoba và Kiba, which turn into Lost Smash - Grease stays behind lớn fight, as you’d expect.

Another small scene that needs lớn be addressed: With the sudden destruction caused by Evol, Misora & Sawa are looking for the Build Driver left behind by Sento’s father, which I guess Sento hid in the Fullbottle chamber - mysteriously, it’s missing. Also, Sawa gets a call from… Namba? HM. I suspect Evolt’s got a rat. A rat bat. A mad– you get the idea.

Grease does his best to giảm giá khuyến mãi with the Smash trio, but they keep tricking him by flinching in character, toying with his emotions. This is no time to hold back, as Evol causes more of the đô thị to be eaten up by a đen hole. Kazumi cancels out his transformation, reminding himself of just how broken he became after the deaths of his comrades, then breaks a promise lớn Sento by slapping on a Build Driver (his dad’s, even, ouch) and transforms with the Blizzrd Knuckle… becoming Kamen Rider Grease Blizzard.

And that’s how the episode ends - Grease finally joins the others with a new form, and it’s with the implication that he’ll die. Even the episode preview is leaning into this! This is definitely one of those episodes I’m glad wasn’t the start of a hiatus.

Oh wait, it is. Fuck.

Yes, next week the show will be taking a break due to sports, a classic tradition. Those watching Lupinranger VS Patranger will get to carry on as usual while the Rider fans suffer this one out. & it’s at the start of Build’s final months, too…

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