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Running provides a superior cardiovascular exercise. There are very few other activities that can burn such high levels of calories consistently. But, as with all activities, there are disadvantages. A big disadvantage to lớn running is the wear and tear it inflicts on the body, especially bones and joints. The constant impact of the running to pavement or treadmill is hard on the body toàn thân especially because running requires more forceful impact in order to maintain higher speeds. This impact gradually deteriorates bones and cartilage at the joints that is meant lớn protect bones và connect them together. This issue usually leads to major issues và surgeries down the road, lượt thích hip replacements which will not only stop you from continuing your runs temporarily or permanently but will also stop basic functions for a while during the healing process. A way khổng lồ prevent this or at least defer it is investing in proper runners. Proper runners will help decrease impact on the bones and joints, they will help tư vấn ankles and many other important protective measures that will ultimately lead khổng lồ fewer issues later as well as a more enjoyable run.

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This is a single sản phẩm review. We are reviewing a running from the very popular brand Adidas. This review is specifically on the Duramo 7. Adidas was started in 1924 by Adi Sassler in a small Bavarian town in Germany. It is now arguably one of the largest sports gear companies in the world, so big that it is traded under its own name on the thành phố new york Stock Exchange. Adidas is a highly reputable brand due khổng lồ its attention to lớn detail & its fashion-aware attention to detail. Many people, even those who vị not participate in sports, sport (for lack of a better word) Adidas apparel. It has become a household name in sports gear and fashion. But what we want to lớn focus on is the performance of the shoe, when used as a running shoe and less so as a fashion accessory. We looked at materials used, the shoe construction and consumer review in order to compile an accurate view of this runner to lớn get an idea of it is worth the buy for the purpose of physical activity. This is what we found out và we hope it is helpful for your next purchase.

Comfortable shoe
Stylish in design Seamless upper Comes in a range of colors
Ideal for city and road runs
Inexpensive, ideal for those on a budget
Fit is very narrow và may require sizing up
Footbed is loose and does not size fit to lớn foot Toe bumper has been known to lớn crack easier
Considered a 'discount shoe'
This runner is basically ventilated air mesh và laces. The design is quite tight và seamless. They are designed for running. The mesh helps the foot breathe as well as the perforations at the back & side of the shoe. Those who ran in the shoe found that the shoe breathed just fine and they didn't experience any issues when running that were related lớn overheating. The perforations help increase airflow better than just mesh because it will encourage cool air khổng lồ flow in through the đứng top of the shoe through the mesh và push out hot air from the base of the shoe through the perforations. When looking for a runner that has increased airflow và breathability, perforations should always be considered. Lack of breathability will cause sweat build up, which on its own is uncomfortable but can also cause blisters, calluses and slipping which can cause a more difficult run (and not in a positive way).
These runners are more of a mod-style runner. They have the impact-absorbing ADIPRENE foam which aids in impact absorption and will help with both the short term comfort as well as the long-term comfort of the run (after the run, less pain especially for those with existing bone và joint issues). The runner itself has an EVA sock liner which provides more comfort and tư vấn to the heel, arch, and ball of each foot. The upper of the shoe is seamless as well which helps the đứng top of the foot feel more comfortable even for those who lượt thích to keep their shoes tied especially tight. They are breathable due to lớn the mesh and layered đứng đầu which will keep the foot cool và dry. The sole of the shoe is made of a synthetic rubber which keeps the shoe lightweight as well. Those who wore the shoe liked the shoe, the comfort wasn't an issue. The one concern is that despite the upper of the shoe fits well, the sole did not. It seemed to be a bit thin for those with average to wider feet và when sizing up the insole did not surround the foot like a more expensive shoe typically would. Though no blisters were formed some who wore the shoe found their foot sliding around in the shoe more than they've experienced with more expensive models.
There were very little mentioned about the waterproofing of this shoe, even on the company website. They are not designed to lớn be worn in more rugged conditions. This shoe is a simple running shoe meant for thành phố running. They vì however have proper ventilation lớn provide better airflow which would dry off the shoe faster than those with less ventilation. Waterproofing though, overall, does not seem khổng lồ be considered when producing this shoe.
The insole of this sản phẩm cannot be removed which is a little quality to runners. Most insoles are removable in case the runner needs specific orthotics in their shoes. If this is something that is a concern lớn people with orthotics, right away this shoe would be immediately passed on, unfortunately. It is also an issue for those who prefer khổng lồ use their own insole, of course. The insole has an EVA sock liner which offers additional comfort and support to the foot. This shoe fits particularly tight due khổng lồ its seamless & narrow design. It looks sleek, however, as a result, the shoe does fit a bit smaller & may require a kích cỡ up. In addition to lớn the shoe itself fitting a little narrow, the insole is often reviewed as not hugging lớn the foot. This runner is often referred to lớn as a 'discount' runner which basically says that it is a good runner but it isn't as good as more expensive models. The lack of 'hug' khổng lồ the foot causes a little bit of sliding but doesn't cause blisters which is positive. This may just impact the accuracy on the step which sort of kills the advantage of the tight upper.
The upper on this product is quite thin và seamless. It fits tighter khổng lồ the foot & looks a lot less clunky than standard shoes. They fit tight khổng lồ the foot và look a lot more attractive while on and laced. The laces of this hàng hóa are on the thicker side and due lớn the thin upper the laces kind of take over the top of the shoe. It does offer a closer fit which will help with stepping accuracy so it really isn't a disadvantage but possibly just a preference for some runners. The upper also offers perforated overlays & they are also fully bonded which some may find favorable. Outside of the oversized laces, the rest of the upper is mesh which would make the shoe more breathable for those who run in warmer climates or have especially hot or sweaty feet.
The sole of this runner is molded-EVA which is very common in this type of shoe. It has is low impact with the Adiprene cushioning which offers better impact reduction. Those who wore this runner found that the impact of each step was lessened due to lớn the additional cushioning and they could go for longer runs as a result of it. Some did find that the sole did not stay connected khổng lồ the upper as long as comparable models và it does seem that this shoe is not a life-long runner. It seems that due lớn its 'discount' price that the shoe is better as a temporary one.
These runners have continental rubber soul which is supposed khổng lồ grip better in both wet & dry conditions. There isn't a lot of information on the traction of these shoes. They weren't being used to lớn climb over rocks or vì chưng mountain hikes so traction wasn't mentioned much. There weren't many (if any) complaints or compliments about the traction on this product. There were people who used the shoe for short runs và long runs và comments were more inclined khổng lồ discuss the comfort cấp độ of the shoe over the actual performance of it. Continental rubber is supposed lớn be fairly 'grippy' và is often used on tires. For its well-known stickiness the track on these runners shouldn't cause any issues, however, should probably be reserved for road and city runs over backcountry và mountain ones.
These runners are quite attractive in design. They come in numerous colors và have the classic Adidas stripes on the side. They fit tighter lớn the foot (the upper does) and have a standard lacing system with thicker laces. They are narrow which is an issue for average to wider feet, however, vì make the shoe themselves look very sleek & less clunky like some runners look. They nearly entirely made of mesh with a rubber shoe và toe bumper. They are mod-style meaning that they are a little more modern & fashion-forward in design. Overall this product is a good looking one. Adidas is known as being fashion-forward so this shouldn't be a surprise. The material shouldn't stain when wet as there is nothing on the shoe outside of the laces that absorbs water. The only issue that may come up is some found that the toe cracked easier than comparable models which would destroy the aesthetic of the shoe. If they are being worn during light activity, this shouldn't be an issue.
This runner is quite inexpensive và is often referred lớn as a discount runner. They may be better suited for beginners or teenagers that would go through runners faster than the average person. They are made of good materials but there seems lớn be some issues with the fit of the shoe. Those who wore them said that they were particularly snug và required a size up. It fits close lớn the foot due lớn the seamless upper và the lacing system but unfortunately, the insole và footbed don't. There seems lớn be significant room in the runner which caused some unwanted movement in the shoe. This would impact the accuracy of the step when running or walking. Many deemed this why the shoe is so 'cheap' for lack of a better word. The shoe itself is attractive and can double as a walking shoe. For those on a budget who are not going to be using these for serious runs, this product will work just fine as they are truly a steal of a deal. However, for those looking for a superior running shoe, paying a little more for something that fits correctly may be a better idea.
The bottom line is that this shoe is ideal for those on a budget or for those who are still growing. It is not a forever shoe. It is stylish in design và would look great running on đô thị streets or walking around the mall. There were many people who ran marathons in them with little issues as they are quite comfortable outside of the issues listed above about the lack of hug in the insole/footbed. They will more than likely only last a year or two, however, the price is right. Overall this shoe is probably not meant for professionals and definitely would not be ideal for those running on more rugged terrains but is definitely a steal of a deal.
OUR VERDICT The Adidas Duramo 7s are budget shoes that offer style with a low weight. Although they may not last as long as similar models, they provide a snug and light ride without emptying your wallet.
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Adidas Duramo 7 – Lateral Side

The upper on the Duramo 7s is swanky for a budget shoe. It’s seamless, và features thin overlays with a minimalist biệu tượng công ty pattern that fades into the lacing.

The lacing system is fairly standard, & uses wide laces to provide tighter knots. As I mentioned earlier, the lacing system combined with the seamless upper gives you a pretty snug fit.

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The upper material is also moderately breathable, so you should be fine using these shoes during all seasons.

As much as I like the changes Adidas put into the upper on the Durmo 7s, I can see runners who lượt thích the Durmo 6s dislike the step down in durability and function.

Adidas Duramo 7 Conclusions

The Adidas Duramo 7s are an oddball. They look like they’re supposed to lớn be a higher-end running shoe, but they don’t have the tech for that và have a low price point instead.

They feel great while running, but I don’t expect them to last as long as other budget shoes. They come from a well liked line of Duramo shoes, but I think this update with the 7s might have reduced the value of the shoe.

I just had too many conflicting thoughts to lớn give these shoes a high rank, so I’m giving them a 4 out of 5 và letting the user (you!) decide if they have the right mix of qualities for you running needs.

The shoe does have fantastic ratings on most retail sites, so they are a great shoe, just not the best budget shoe out there.

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